The length of the grass on the roadside of the Pegasus golf course has been a source of conversation amongst the eastern community in recent months following the change of ownership at the Pegasus Golf & Sports Club.

Part of the changeover saw the Council ‘inherit’ responsibility for the maintenance of the fringes, while a suitable and more enduring arrangement was negotiated with the new owners of the club.

That process is ongoing.

In the interim, the Council has had the grass mown on three occasions, while keeping a close eye on the situation to ensure the growth is managed.

While the maintenance levels of the grass applied by the Council are less than those that were put in place by the previous golf club owners; they chose to maintain that standard at their own expense.

The standards we are apply, in terms of at what point we have the grass mown, are consistent in their application across the District.

The Council cannot be held to the same level of expectation as are private owners, as to do so would require it to significantly increase grass maintenance levels across the District, at considerable additional cost to the ratepayer.

We will continue to carry out mowing as is required at Pegasus, while talks with the new owners of the Golf Club continue.

A further mow of the golf course fringes is scheduled for this week.

Gerard Cleary | Manager Utilities & Roading
Utilities & Roading

The Pegasus Residents' Group will be following this issue closely and will report back with any significant updates.



November 2016


 The President and Secretary of the Pegasus Residents’ Group met recently with both the Council and Todd Property (separately) to discuss a variety of issues relating to Pegasus Town.

Pegasus Lake – continues to be owned by Todd Property, though they are keen for it to be transferred to WDC soon. WDC continue to monitor the nutrients in the Lake and are continuing to work towards a transfer of this asset from Todd Property. PRGI will continue to follow progress closely.

Western Ridge Conservation Area and Eastern wetlands area – Both these areas remain under the ownership of Todd Property with discussion taking place between TP, WDC and the Te Kōhaka Tūhaitara Trust. This is another area PRGI are closely monitoring and seeking progress on to enable proper maintenance and conservation work to be done.

We were informed that the former ‘Harcourts’ building on the corner of Pegasus Boulevard and Whakatipu Street has been sold and will be removed soon.  Once it has been removed, the land will be cleared and grassed over for sale as a residential section.

Swales – WDC ask that residents who have swales that are in bad repair, or too steep, put in a service request to get them fixed (this may include partial filling to level the slope off a bit).  This does not include mowing; that is up to the property owner or occupier.

Retirement village – There is still a block of land that was originally allocated for a retirement village. Todd Property have told us that no interest has been shown in this development at this stage.

Flags and poles – The flags at the entrance to Pegasus were removed by Todd Property due to weather conditions causing wear and tear that meant they had to be replaced frequently at considerable cost. The poles were found to have signs of corrosion, so were also removed.  PRGI have spoken to WDC about getting flags for Pegasus Main St at Christmas time and this will be looked into further for 2017.

Community Centre – It appears the Portacom idea may not proceed and another idea is currently being investigated. This matter has yet to go before the Woodend Sefton Community Board and the full Council for approval, so we are unable to provide details at this stage.

All in all we were pleased with the meetings and all parties are happy to have similar meetings in the future. If you have any queries about the information above, please contact us.


Many of you took part in a survey conducted by Canterbury University students in September 2016.  We have compiled the results which have provided us with some useful information.  Several issues have been raised which we will follow up on over time and have been drawn to the attention of the Council, developers and other relevant people.
Click here for the survey results

Lake Meeting Held 22 February 2016

Meeting Held to Discuss Lake Pegasus Management

 The on-going management of Lake Pegasus was detailed last Monday at a specially convened meeting involving the Pegasus Resident’s Group, the Waimakariri District Council, Todd Property Pegasus Town Ltd which owns the lake, and other vested interest groups.

Although the lake is being managed by Todd Property Pegasus Town Ltd for now, responsibility for its long-time future will fall to the council once the handover from the current owner is completed.

Attendees at the meeting were given a run down on future management plans, which followed a question and answer session where all parties were given the opportunity to quiz both Todd Property Pegasus Town Ltd and the Council on lake background.

A pre-prepared list of the most frequently asked questions was answered in detail by the lake’s current owner in collaboration with the council.

This included expert scientific and engineering opinion which helped to dispel some of the uncertainty with regards to both the lake’s original development, but also its current environmental status and capabilities as a recreational facility.

Pegasus Resident’s Group spokesperson Ian Lennie, who chaired the meeting, said that the exercise had helped to clarify the issues locals had. The feedback helped to explain matters such as weed control, water clarity, and the flow on effect to the surrounding environment of any actions taken to change the dynamics within the lake.

“The overall feeling after the meeting was that we were all much better informed, while gaining an assurance from the Council that a future management plan was being put in place that we would be consulted about,” Mr Lennie said.

“It was a very constructive gathering and it was great to have so many of the people and organisations who have a vested interest in the lake all together in one room.”

Council Manager of Utilities and Roading Gerard Cleary said the positive nature of the meeting highlighted the collective desire to maximise the lake’s potential as a community facility.

“It [the meeting] was a good opportunity to clear up some of the misconceptions that have grown with regards to the lake, while taking on board some feedback from residents and lake users that will help us with its future management,” Mr Cleary said.

“Lake Pegasus is a young lake, and it is still evolving in terms of its natural ecology. To date, the lake is performing in every way to which it was designed. By careful on-going management, in consultation with residents and lake users, we should be able to ensure Lake Pegasus continues to develop as a valuable recreational facility for the whole community.”

Mr Cleary said it was important to understand that the lake, while man-made, now played a role in the local ecological system. Any changes made to the original design, or to the way the lake was managed, have the potential to have environmental effects downstream.

“That was raised at the meeting and it was an important point. Having so many vested interests in the same room allowed us to explain the ramifications of any actions taken within the lake itself. This is why its future management is so important, and why every action that is taken has to be carefully considered by all involved parties.”

The meeting was attended by delegations from Todd Property Pegasus Town Ltd, the Council (including Mayor David Ayers and CEO Jim Palmer), Te Kohaka o Tuhaitara Trust, the Waimakariri Water Zone Committee and the Woodend Ashley Community Board.

Representatives from Kore Hire, who operate a commercial boating business on the lake, and Canterbury Triathlon, who run events at Pegasus, were also present.

For a copy of the lake information document, visit the WDC website; or the Pegasus Residents’ Group website; or contact the Pegasus Residents’ Group by email;


Notes From Vodafone Meeting 13 July

Please see below some bullet points from the Vodafone meeting on 13 July.  As discussed the last point regarding the Technical Support number I would like a little more time with – especially since last night it was requested of Vodafone to revert back to the old Telstra 0508 number.  I will come back to you on that tomorrow.  I have highlighted this paragraph below and you may want to leave it out until I can provide a further update.

·         Vodafone acknowledged the issues the Pegasus Town residents have been having with their broadband services - specifically around peak time with broadband performance and speed.  We are sorry these issues have occurred and that they have been causing frustration and inconvenience for the residents.

·        Vodafone are very grateful for the opportunity to discuss the situation directly with Pegasus Town residents and Vodafone is committed to resolving the issues as quickly as possible and at the meeting Vodafone explained exactly what they are doing to rectify the situation.

·         The Hybrid Fibre Coax cable system was developed in Canterbury around 2000 – this system is the same as the cable TV network in the United States. For Pegasus Town it was initially an exclusive deal with the developer.  It is no longer exclusive however other providers are not interested in over building existing network.

·         Since its development the HFC cable network has had yearly capacity and technology upgrades with a major step change in technology approximately every 3 – 4 years.  The cable itself is future proofed technology however to maintain quality performance and speed enhancements, the electronic equipment that provides the services needs to be upgraded regularly – which Vodafone had in plan.

·         However the enthusiastic uptake of video streaming services has taken us by surprise ( as it has done with other providers) and we were unable to perform our upgrade before service demand affected the services in Pegasus Town.

·         Vodafone have purchased the necessary equipment to perform the upgrade and the network team are working very hard to get this installed as quickly as possible.  The first part of that work will be completed by the third week of August and the final upgrade will be ready in early September.   When complete, the services will be returned to consistent speed and performance at all times of the day.  This type of upgrade work would ordinarily take 6 months but Vodafone are completing it in 3 months.

·         New Zealanders increasing appetite for data, especially streaming video, has exceeded even our own ambitious expectations.  The introduction of services such as Netflix and NEON are meaning 30% growth every month – this is putting pressure on all of NZ’s networks.  Video streaming accounts for over 55% of Vodafone's home broadband traffic and it does not look like slowing down anytime soon as the rate of adoption of UFB plans also accelerates.

·         Vodafone have had to react quickly to the changing needs of customers and we are genuinely committed to getting things fixed for Pegasus Town. 

·         The network upgrade of the HFC network is costing around $6 Million and Vodafone are working fast to get this sorted as soon as they can.

·         Many good questions were asked at the meeting and there are some specific action points for Vodafone to follow up on and get back to individuals about.

·         COMING SOON:  Vodafone are providing priority assistance and have a technical support team specifically for Pegasus Town residents to contact.  We also encourage residents to discuss their current plan and equipment with this team to ensure they have the right plan and equipment to meet their usage needs.