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Pegasus CCTV Project

The possibility of CCTV in Pegasus has long been a hot topic of discussion in the community.


Our 2022 Residents' Survey highlighted 'community accessibility, security, and safety' as a significant concern, accounting for 24% of responses. Additionally, frequent discussions in Pegasus social media groups have emphasised residents' desire for the installation of CCTV in Pegasus.


In response to community feedback, over the last seven months, the PRGI has been working with North Canterbury Neighbourhood Support, Waimakariri District Council (WDC) and local police on the feasibility of introducing CCTV.


The proposed CCTV solution for Pegasus is a “Crime Prevention/Investigative Tool for Safer Communities”.  As a community project, funds need to be raised by the community by funding application, sponsorship, or donations.

Consultant Ken Eccles has helped with the design and specification of the system. He has extensive experience in doing this locally and nationally. He is also assisting Sovereign Palms in their CCTV planning.

Public Meeting

In November 2023 we held a public meeting and presented the initial options and costs involved.

Following the opportunity for questions from residents, a motion was raised by the PRGI President (Matt James) to progress the project in Pegasus. The motion was approved by a vote of 29 residents in favour with only one abstention noted.


Rollout & Community Funding 

The proposed rollout in Pegasus will be done in 3 phases if funding is secured. Phase 1 will have 6-7 cameras in three key access locations into Pegasus and is estimated to cost $10,000. These locations will not be disclosed for obvious reasons. 

This CCTV initiative in Pegasus is to be entirely funded by the community. We are collaborating with North Canterbury Neighbourhood Support, a recognised Trust, to manage the collection of donations into a dedicated bank account. 


To contribute to this important community project, please make your donations to the following bank account. Your support is greatly appreciated and will play a vital role in enhancing the safety and security of our community.

Pegasus CCTV Project bank account:

  • North Canterbury Neighbourhood Support

  • 02-0876-0281353-007

  • Please use your name as a reference.

How the CCTV works

The system records 24/7 but is not monitored. The recorded data is only accessed by the police upon notice of an incident having occurred. Only the police will have access to the recordings.

Data is held for three months and then wiped unless it is being used as part of an ongoing investigation. The data is held in a central location in Rangiora. The Privacy/Legal implications are well understood and are consistent with similar systems already in use.

The system will plug into the existing national network of cameras. This enables perpetrators to be tracked before and after criminal acts within the bounds of the Pegasus. WDC will maintain the cameras critical to the surveillance network.

Camera types

Two types of camera technology are used together:

(i) General surveillance

(i) Automated numberplate recognition.


Signage noting cameras being used would be having to be posted. These signs alone have led to significant reductions in criminal activity in other locations.

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