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Vodafone Public Meeting for Pegasus Residents

VODAFONE MEETING - Open To All Pegasus Residents 6.30 Pm, Monday 13 July At The Flat White Café. Matt Doocey Has Met With Vodafone On Behalf Of Pegasus Residents And Is Now Bringing Vodafone To Front Up To The Residents. The Vodafone Team Who Will Be Attending The Meeting Are:

  • Mitch Cooper - Senior Government Relations Advisor

  • Sharina Nisha - Head Of Platforms Design And Delivery

  • Caitlin Metz -Community Relations Manager.

The Technical Staff Can Only Stay Until 7.45, So Come Along Early And Show Them How Big The Issue Is Simply By Being There! Beverages Will Be Available For Sale, So Arrive Early To Ensure You Have Yours Before The Meeting Starts. Contact The Pegasus Residents Group If You Require Any Additional Info. If You'd Like To Go, But Are Unable To, Send Us Your Apologies So Your Interest Is Registered. If You Want Vodafone To Get The Message, You Need To Be There To Give It To Them!

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