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Lake Meeting Held 22 February 2016

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Meeting Held to Discuss Lake Pegasus Management

The on-going management of Lake Pegasus was detailed last Monday at a specially convened meeting involving the Pegasus Resident’s Group, the Waimakariri District Council, Todd Property Pegasus Town Ltd which owns the lake, and other vested interest groups.

Although the lake is being managed by Todd Property Pegasus Town Ltd for now, responsibility for its long-time future will fall to the council once the handover from the current owner is completed.

Attendees at the meeting were given a run down on future management plans, which followed a question and answer session where all parties were given the opportunity to quiz both Todd Property Pegasus Town Ltd and the Council on lake background.

A pre-prepared list of the most frequently asked questions was answered in detail by the lake’s current owner in collaboration with the council.

This included expert scientific and engineering opinion which helped to dispel some of the uncertainty with regards to both the lake’s original development, but also its current environmental status and capabilities as a recreational facility.

Pegasus Resident’s Group spokesperson Ian Lennie, who chaired the meeting, said that the exercise had helped to clarify the issues locals had. The feedback helped to explain matters such as weed control, water clarity, and the flow on effect to the surrounding environment of any actions taken to change the dynamics within the lake.

“The overall feeling after the meeting was that we were all much better informed, while gaining an assurance from the Council that a future management plan was being put in place that we would be consulted about,” Mr Lennie said.

“It was a very constructive gathering and it was great to have so many of the people and organisations who have a vested interest in the lake all together in one room.”

Council Manager of Utilities and Roading Gerard Cleary said the positive nature of the meeting highlighted the collective desire to maximise the lake’s potential as a community facility.

“It [the meeting] was a good opportunity to clear up some of the misconceptions that have grown with regards to the lake, while taking on board some feedback from residents and lake users that will help us with its future management,” Mr Cleary said.

“Lake Pegasus is a young lake, and it is still evolving in terms of its natural ecology. To date, the lake is performing in every way to which it was designed. By careful on-going management, in consultation with residents and lake users, we should be able to ensure Lake Pegasus continues to develop as a valuable recreational facility for the whole community.”

Mr Cleary said it was important to understand that the lake, while man-made, now played a role in the local ecological system. Any changes made to the original design, or to the way the lake was managed, have the potential to have environmental effects downstream.

“That was raised at the meeting and it was an important point. Having so many vested interests in the same room allowed us to explain the ramifications of any actions taken within the lake itself. This is why its future management is so important, and why every action that is taken has to be carefully considered by all involved parties.”

The meeting was attended by delegations from Todd Property Pegasus Town Ltd, the Council (including Mayor David Ayers and CEO Jim Palmer), Te Kohaka o Tuhaitara Trust, the Waimakariri Water Zone Committee and the Woodend Ashley Community Board.

Representatives from Kore Hire, who operate a commercial boating business on the lake, and Canterbury Triathlon, who run events at Pegasus, were also present.

160222 Notes+from+the+Pegasus+Lake+Meeting+TPPTL+review
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For a copy of the lake information document, visit the WDC website; or view the information on the Lake Sub-Committee Page


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