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Join the PRGI Committee

We invite all those who are passionate about preserving, restoring, and developing our unique heritage, community, and environment to think about joining our Pegasus Residents' Committee.

Is there something that drives you mad in the community that you feel no one is doing anything about? 

Now is your chance to DO SOMETHING about it!


We also recognise and embrace that we have a broad and diverse community, and we would like to reflect that on our PRGI Committee.


On the Committee, we each have our own passions and strengths and get to work on issues that we find fulfilling. At the same time, we support others and work as a team.


If you would like to share your ideas and become a Committee member, please get in touch with our Secretary via:

How the PRGI Committee is structured

The current PRGI Committee is made up of residents with a diverse range of ages, interests, and backgrounds. This dedicated and passionate team of volunteers collectively provide hundreds of hours for the Pegasus Community each year.


Current Committee Members

Matt James

Areas of responsibility: Lake Sub-Committee Leader, Communications Team, WDC and Templeton Group Liaison, Emergency Hub team.


Heidi Wood
Vice President & Communications Leader

Areas of responsibility: Pegasus Community Centre Sub-Committee, Events Sub-Committee, Lake Sub-Committee, Website, social media, newsletters, and general comms, Emergency Hub team.

PRGI Representative for: 

Woodpecker Trust.

Kathy Gutberlet

Areas of responsibility: Finance, Events Sub-Committee, Membership, Emergency Hub team.
PRGI Representative for: Northern Pegasus Bay Advisory Group.

Joel McLachlan

Areas of responsibility: Lake Sub-Committee, Youth initiatives, Emergency Hub Co-ordinator, Membership, Communications Team.

​​Peter Johnston 

Areas of responsibility: Pegasus Community Centre Sub-Committee, Community Watch Team Liaison, Emergency Hub team.

Renee Minchin
Areas of responsibility:  Book Cave Co-ordinator, Events Sub-Committee, Pegasus Community Centre Sub-Committee.

Mat Potter

Areas of responsibility: Youth initiatives, Funding Sub-committee.

Debs Taylor-Hayhurst

Areas of responsibility: Funding Sub-Committee and Events Sub-Committee.

Marina Abernethy

Areas of responsibility: Book Cave Assistant, Events Sub-Committee, Pegasus Community Centre Sub-Committee.

Ingrid Ramsay

Areas of responsibility: Book Cave Support, Pegasus Community Centre Sub-Committee, Events Sub-Committee, Emergency Hub team.

Pegasus Residents Group Meeting Times & Dates

Meet Committee

The Pegasus Residents' Group Committee now meets on the first Thursday of the month in the ‘Todd Room’ at the Pegasus Community Centre, Pegasus Main St. Start time is 7.00 pm.

While the public are welcome to attend the committee meetings, they do not have automatic speaking rights. 


Anyone wishing to place an item on the agenda should contact the Secretary at least 1 week prior to the meeting.


The 2023 AGM was held on Wednesday, 19 July 2023.  2024 date to be advised.


Dates for 2024 PRGI meetings:

First Thursday of each month (except for January).

7.00pm at Todd Room, Pegasus Community Centre.

Public Meeting Minutes

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