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Join the PRGI Committee

We invite all those who are passionate about preserving, restoring, and developing our unique heritage, community, and environment to think about joining our Pegasus Residents' Committee.

Is there something that drives you mad in the community that you feel no one is doing anything about? 

Now is your chance to DO SOMETHING about it!


We also recognise and embrace that we have a broad and diverse community, and we would like to reflect that on our PRGI Committee.


On the Committee, we each have our own passions and strengths and get to work on issues that we find fulfilling. At the same time, we support others and work as a team.


If you would like to share your ideas and become a Committee member, please get in touch with our Secretary via:

How the PRGI Committee is structured

The current PRGI Committee is made up of residents with a diverse range of ages, interests, and backgrounds. This dedicated and passionate team of volunteers collectively provide hundreds of hours for the Pegasus Community each year.


Current Committee Members

Matt James

Areas of responsibility: Lake Sub-Committee Leader, Funding Sub-Committee, Communications Team


Roger Rule
Vice President
Areas of responsibility: Pegasus Community Centre Sub-Committee Leader, Events Sub-Committee, Funding Sub-Committee, Community Watch Team​, Communications Team, Lake Sub-Committee

PRGI Representative for: Woodend Community Trust, and Woodend Community Association

Kathy Gutberlet

Areas of responsibility: Finance, Events Sub-Committee
PRGI Representative for: Northern Pegasus Bay Advisory Group

Wayne Graham

Areas of responsibility: Pegasus Community Centre Sub-Committee, PRGI Map/directory Leader, Communications Team, Lake Sub-Committee

Sharon Divall
Membership Co-ordinator

Areas of responsibility: Membership, Events Sub-Committee

Heidi Wood

​Communications Leader

Areas of responsibility: Website, social media, newsletters, and general comms. Pegasus Community Centre Sub-Committee, Events Sub-Committee, Lake Sub-Committee

Peter Johnston 

Areas of responsibility: Pegasus Community Centre Sub-Committee

Pegasus Residents Group Meeting Times & Dates

Meet Committee

The Pegasus Residents' Group Committee now meets on the first Thursday of the month in the ‘Todd Room’ at the Pegasus Community Centre, Pegasus Main St. Start time is 7.00 pm.

While the public are welcome to attend the committee meetings, they do not have automatic speaking rights. 


Anyone wishing to place an item on the agenda should contact the Secretary at least 1 week prior to the meeting.


The 2021 AGM was held on Tuesday 25th May 2021, the 2022 AGM date will be advised in early 2023.

Dates for 2022 PRGI meetings:

8 Feb

8 March

12 April

10 May

14 June

12 July

9 Aug

13 Sept

11 Oct

03 Nov (Meetings changed to Thursday nights from this date)

01 Dec

Committee Roles & Responsibilities


Handles correspondence, carries out the administration of PRGI’s affairs; keeps a register of members and other records; prepares for and attends meetings of the committee and of PRGI; writes up the minutes of all meetings, and observes the requirements of the act.  The secretary shall also be responsible for the summoning of all committee meetings.  The secretary has ultimate responsibility for any PRGI email account, website, Facebook page or other social media in the name of the PRGI.  Aspects of this role may be delegated.



Receives and accounts for all monies due to PRGI; pays all accounts owing by PRGI; prepares PRGI’s annual accounts; reports on PRGI’s financial position to the committee at regular intervals; observes the requirements of Section 23 of the Incorporated Societies Act 1908 and ensures that all monies received by PRGI are receipted and banked.



Presides at meetings in a proper and dignified manner; ensures that the meeting is properly convened and that a quorum is present in accordance with PRGI’s rules; conducts meetings properly in accordance with PRGI's rules; ensures that the sense of the meeting is properly ascertained with regard to any question under consideration; preserves order, and sees that a proper procedure is followed, particularly regarding the rules of debate; gives all persons present and entitled to speak and vote a reasonable opportunity to do so; declares the meeting closed at the termination of business, and vouches for the correctness of the minutes by signing them.



Manages PRGI; makes bylaws and regulations for the conduct of the PRGI; opens and operates bank accounts as required; raises funds; borrows money; elects new members; ensures the keeping of minutes of all meetings of the committee, sub-committees, and members; ensures that proper books of accounts are kept, and delegates certain of its powers to sub-committees.


Other key roles on the committee are the Vice-Chairperson, Minutes Secretary, Membership Coordinator and Funding/Sponsorship Coordinators and Communications Officer.

Public Meeting Minutes

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