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Session 1: Meet the Waimakariri District Council Candidates (Kaiapoi-Woodend Ward)

The first of the PRGI 'Meet the Candidates' sessions was held last night (15th September) and we had a great turnout of over 80 people.

It was a great opportunity to meet the Waimakariri District Council Kaiapoi-Woodend Ward Candidates face to face and learn about what they each stand for and will offer if elected.

Each candidate was sent two questions beforehand on key community issues arising from our recent residents' survey and had six minutes to provide their ideas

and answers on the night.

Question 1: Security & Safety

Pegasus has grown considerably and unfortunately, some anti-social and criminal activity has grown with it. Rangiora and Kaiapoi have permanent CCTV cameras. Similarly, Pegasus residents are very concerned over the unsafe pedestrian and cycle access to both Ravenswood and through Woodend, especially as our designated high School is in Kaiapoi. What solutions would you propose for Pegasus?

Question 2:  Youth Initiatives

As our town has grown the need for youth activities and facilities has become apparent. How would you look to address this urgent need?

There were some very interesting responses to our questions. You can watch the recording below and scroll down to see images from the event below.

Images from the event

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