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PRGI 2022 AGM Summary

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

The PRGI AGM took place on Tuesday 24 May at 7.00 pm Pegasus School Hall.

President Matt James welcomed the 51 people present and a welcome was extended to members present from Parliament (MP Matt Doocey), Councillor Phillip Redmond, Waimakariri District Council staff including the Mayor Dan Gordon , CEO Jim Harland and Manager Community and Recreation, Chris Brown.

Also present were Woodend Sefton Community Board (Shona Powell) and Chris Simpson from Templeton Group and an apology was received from Mike Kwant.

Matt presented his President’s report noting that it had been a tough year with Covid restrictions in place but much had been achieved and the PRGI was positioned for a bright future. Matt would outline the achievements later in the meeting.

Vice President Roger Rule presented the community watch report thanking the volunteers and noting that community watch was there to keep an eye on things and report any concerns directly to the Police.

A question was raised about PRGI getting an electric vehicle for community patrol. This could only be achieved through sponsorship.

Matt outlined the key PRGI achievements over the past year which included:

  • Advocating for improved water quality and elimination of algae bloom in the lake

  • Working with developers (Templeton Group) on future aspirations for the town centre

  • Working with WDC staff on the operation of the Pegasus Community Centre and development of planned new purpose built centre

  • Running 2022 Residents survey

  • Development to new PRGI website

  • Producing a residents’ map of Pegasus and Woodend- Ravenswood

Matt thanked Heidi Wood for her work developing the new PRGI website which was designed as a one-stop self-help tool for residents. Heidi was available after the meeting to demo the new website.

Matt presented the results from the 2022 resident’s survey noting that 145 people responded 50% of whom were members. 12 key areas were identified.

The top six were the Lake (27%), followed by community access/security (24%), youth teenage activities (11%), maintenance of green space (7%), community events (6%) and animal control (5%).

Matt said that the committee would be developing a strategic plan to address the most important issues and its role was either:

a) Doing

b) Inform/connect

c) Advocate/promote

d) Fundraising/seeking sponsorship

After the acceptance of reports Matt introduced the appointment of committee members and officers segment.

Details are as follows:

Confirmed committee officer positions for the 2022/23 year

  • President: Matt James

  • Vice President: Roger Rule

  • Secretary: Wayne Graham

  • Treasurer: Kathy Gutberlet

The confirmed working committee is:

  • Sharon Divall: Membership Co-ordinator

  • Heidi Wood: Community Centre, Events, Comms including Website; Social Media; Newsletters

  • Peter Johnston: Community Centre; Map

  • Kimberley Smylie: Events, Communications

At the end of the meeting concerns were raised about the speed limit of 70 km at the Ravenswood/Pegasus roundabout and the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. Dan Gordon acknowledged this was an important issue, was subject to a rolling review and he would be taking the matter up again with NZTA.

Dan also mentioned that the PRGI survey results were gold to him and the WDC was committed to building the new community centre and open to a public/private partnership with the developer.

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