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Vote for your Ecan 2022 Candidates

Voters get the opportunity to elect two representatives to the Environment Canterbury (ECan) Regional Council in the local body elections as well as their local Waimakariri District Council councillors and community board members.

There are four ECan candidates standing for two positions representing North Canterbury. Here is some information on who the candidates are North Canterbury Ecan Candidates and how to vote for them.

More information from ECan below:

Local elections are around the corner

We need your help to ensure our Council represents what matters most to you.

Local Government elections are held every three years in New Zealand. In Waitaha/Canterbury this means you can vote for your regional council, and your city or district council. Each has a different role that impacts on our local environment and the way we live.

Environment Canterbury is the regional council for Waitaha, and we look after the land, air, and water through activities like:

  • Water monitoring and flood protection efforts

  • Managing pests and protecting habitats

  • Managing air quality

  • Planning for transport in the region

  • Taking care of our 800km of coastline and ports.

Councillors are elected by the public, so we need you to vote for the candidates who most align with your values.

To be eligible to vote in the local elections you must be:

  • A New Zealand Citizen or Permanent Resident

  • Aged 18 or older

  • A resident or ratepayer of Waitaha (Canterbury)

  • Registered to vote - check your details now at

Information and voting papers will arrive in your mailbox soon.

The voting period is open from Friday 16 September to 12:00 noon Saturday 8 October.

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