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Pegasus Lake Trial Update - The trial has officially begun!

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

Below is an update from Katie Coluccio, a Hydrogeologist from WSP who is in charge of the lake trial for Templeton Group.

I am pleased to announce that the aeration trial at Pegasus Lake has begun. On 24th August, the aeration device was switched on, and it will now run continuously for the duration of the trial.

A condensed period of water quality monitoring was carried out immediately before the trial began and twice in the first week of operation.

Water quality parameters were measured and nutrient samples collected for lab analysis at 0.5 m increments in the water column at both monitoring buoy sites (i.e., in the trial area and in the main area of the lake).

Water quality monitoring will continue throughout the trial via the lake buoys which record data every 15 minutes and monitoring by boat once a month.

Signage has also been installed at four locations around the trial area explaining the key trial objectives, how the aeration system works and contact details for queries.

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