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Reminder - dogs in Pegasus

We are coming into the holiday season and more people will be out and about in our community.

Just a gentle reminder to please adhere to the Waimakariri Dog Control Bylaws and Dog Control Act to ensure both people, dogs and wildlife are kept safe in our community.

Waimakariri District Council and Tūhaitara Coastal Park have signs with clear instructions (see examples below), that are visible in key areas such as the lake, wetlands, beach, trails, retail areas, public parks and sports fields. For example, in the lake, wetland and retail areas, it is mandatory that dogs are to be on leads at all times.

Please make yourself familiar with this information (council links above), and be respectful of others, keeping in mind that not everyone is a dog lover or feels safe around dogs, especially if they are not on a lead in areas they should be.

Please also remember to pick up your dog’s poo when out walking.

Let’s make sure everyone (including our wildlife) feels safe and happy when enjoying our shared community spaces!

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