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Reporting crime in our community

One of the points to come out of the recent 'Meet the Candidates' sessions was that in Pegasus, we are lucky to live in a community with a low crime rate compared to other areas in our district and the wider country.

We are coming into the Christmas/holiday period when crime can increase. It is important that crimes are reported directly to the Police - our Community Watch does not do the job of the Police.

If you have security concerns or see dangerous or suspicious activity, please contact the police by dialing 111 (threat to life or property) or 105 (after the event).

Be mindful that on 105 it may take longer to speak to someone due to the high volume of calls. If it is not an emergency and you are able to, report it online w

here you can also ad evidence such as photos etc to the file number. Report online here:

Learn more here:

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