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Council’s ‘Waimakariri: Better than Before’ draft plan to shape Waimakariri's COVID-19 recovery

This communication was sent from the Waimakariri Council. If you wish to make a submission, please visit their website in the link provided below.

Hi all,

To best reflect the aspirations of our community we want to hear from as wide a range of Waimakaririans as possible.

How you can help is by sharing this email and link with your colleagues, friends and networks as well as taking part in the process yourself too.

A draft plan, called ‘Waimakariri: Better than Before’, is in development and currently has six programmes of focus including:

  • Playing a role in leadership, advocacy and providing support for businesses who are facing a downturn

  • Preparing strategies to further improve our town centres and business areas while accelerating the ‘green economy'

  • Supporting investment from the development and building sector

  • Bringing forward planned capital projects that could stimulate the economy and provide jobs

  • Ensure the wellbeing of all residents through additional community development and support

  • Maximise business survival and enable new business development.

Registering to take part is quick and easy and you will stay informed on what stage of the process we are at throughout. There are three quick links (on the website):

  • Ideas tab

  • Quick poll to register priorities

  • A questions tab

We look forward to your feedback.

Tessa Sturley | Community Team Manager Community Team

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